Why Maximalist ?

We came up with the idea of Maximalist three years ago during the second crypto Bull Run. As we searched for the best projects to invest in, we noticed there were a good number of groups for beginners but not a single useful resource for crypto maximalists. We had the idea to create our own community but our respective projects were already using up all our time. We left the Maximalist project aside for the time being, but we never abandoned it. It always remained in the back of our minds.
A few months later, the NFT phenomenon emerged. We started seeing more and more collections with similar goals succeeding, and, our resolve was strengthened by their success. Thanks to the wonders of Web3, it was now possible to create a meaningful community. In fact, Charles had already worked on a design a few months ago that could be our muse. As such, KD was already working on the smart contracts for several projects. We were sure that NFTs would give us the opportunity to bring this project out of the closet and bring our dream of a community of maximalists into reality.

Maximalist Development:

Once we decided to gather a community with our values, our development process focused on 3 major axes:
First, we wanted to put together a graphic universe that would make people interested in our proposal. Beyond the simple PFP, we noticed the following: people first look at the beautiful art before developing an interest in the project itself. Our idea was clear. We’d choose ten cryptos that we would display on our characters so that the maximalists would directly identify the essence of our project and our graphic universe
Secondly, we wanted to put forward Zeiqh and his futuristic yet realistic universe at the same time. He has always been a driving force in the team. It is thanks to him that we are in the world of NFTs. His artistic personality stimulates us for the life and the future of the Maximalist project. We, therefore, decided to use one of his old 2019 creations called "Factory" as the basis for our character. Zeiqh has transformed his old inspiration into a masked character, who wants to be anonymous and capable of total discretion. A humanized personification of a decentralized but unifying system. This minimalist aesthetic guarantees you major advancements of your character in the future.
Finally, we have mobilized talented resources that have made this project possible. We know that an NFT community is not built in a day and that it requires time and involvement. That is why we have gathered a small committee of "friends and family" around the project to move forward surefooted, without any doubt about our vision, and without any hitch.
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Why Maximalist ?
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